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      Dolly Trucks & Ramps
2 CDT1
Solid wood 200mm thick
       1 Panel Dolly Set - CPDS1
A pair of dollies with 27mm centre grooves making them ideal for moving large heavy panels such as plywood or plasterboard. B Heavy duty powder coated platforms
B High quality casters B 250kg loading capacity per dolly Part No. 6500149
2 - 4 Dolly Trucks
B For moving heavy or bulky items in offices, shops & warehouses B Tough wooden construction B Item 2 has carpeted ends for grip & protection of load during transit
5 Universal Mobile Base - CUMB1 Universal mobile base provides a convenient
method of moving heavy machinery around the workshop. B Length and width adjustable in 1” increments (square adjustmentfrom12”to36”(304to914mm), max rectangle 52”x20” (1320x508mm)
B 226kg (500lb) Max load B 3” wheels B 2 point levelling Part No. 7630211
6 Oil Drum Dolly - ODD1 Transport drums easily on large diameter
castor wheels. Fitted with four heavy duty 3” castor wheels. Suitable for 45 gallon/205 litre drums. B 3” swivel castor wheels for easy movement B Heavy duty steel construction B Diameter 620mm B 200kg capacity
250 KG (PAIR)
                                             3 CDT3
    4 CDT4 KG
                    CDT3 Plywood 18mm thick
5 CUMB1 226 KG
                    8 Folding Access Ramps
Folds easily for storage and portability
The Disability Discrimination Act requires you provide access to your premises
These strong aluminium ramps provide 272
safe loading of wheelchairs or heavy equipment such as lawn mowers and domestic appliances into vehicles.
Note: The shorter AR2B 24” model is best suited for access to high steps/kerbs.
B No installation required, just place in position B Anti- slip surface B Carrying handle, folds to half width B Side panels B Max load 272kg
Perfect for loading heavy equipment into vans
Lengths 24”-72”
8 AR2B Dimensions.
LxW mm
   Model AR2B AR4B AR5B AR6B
Weight kg 5kg 9.5kg 12kg
Part No. 4002601 4002611 4002616 4002621
 610mm (24”) x 735mm 1120mm (48”) x 735mm 1524mm (60”) x 735mm 1829mm (72”) x 735mm 15.5kg
Motorcycle Ramp - MAR200B
Description/ Model Type
CPDS1 Panel Dolly Set CDT1 Dolly Truck Frame
CDT3 Dolly Truck Platform
CDT4 Dolly Truck Platform
CDT5 Dolly Truck Platform
ODD1 Oil Drum Dolly
Max. Dims. Cap. LxWxH mm kg 203x200x70 250 780x490x150 100 610x460x135 150 680x450x140 200 910x610x175 300
620dia. x162H 200
Castor Wheel Dia. mm
Weight kg
Part No. 6500149 6500146 6601505 6601510 6601515 7630201
  Lightweight foldable aluminium ramp provides safe and easy access to vans or trailers
for single/inline wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles or wheelbarrows. A pair of ramps can be used when loading quad bikes, lawn mowers or similar garden machinery.
B Hooks at one end secure ramp when in use B Length 72” (approx. 1.8m) Width 12” (25.4cm) B Max load 200kg per ramp (evenly distributed)
Part No. 7610196
7 MAR200B 200
Use in pairs for quad bikes
50 2.8 755 754 755 100 12 75 8
6 ODD1
200 KG
100 KG
      1 2 3 4

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