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     Quality Tool Sets
91Piece Set
                     1 Professional 91 PieceTool Kit with Cantilever Toolbox - PRO394
5 tray steel cantilever tool box containing 90 of the most popular professional tools
Includes 1⁄2” Dr. sockets: 10-24mm
1⁄2” Dr. ratchet handle 1⁄2” Dr. 5” and 10” extension bars 1⁄2” Dr. Universal joint
Spark plug sockets: 16mm & 21mm 11x 1⁄4” Dr. sockets: 4-12mm adaptor 1⁄4” Dr. Ratchet handle 1⁄4” Dr.3” extension bar
12 x 25mm bits, 18mm snap-off knife Screwdriver handle 3m steel tape
6” Long nose pliers, 6” diagonal side cutters Water pump pliers, 10” locking pliers 3x
Flat screwdrivers, 2x Phillips screwdrivers PH1, PH2 10 x hex keys 1.5-10mm 12 x metric spanners 6-17mm LxWxH 500x240x225mm Part No. 1700800
2 199 PieceTool Kit including CantileverTool Box - CHT641
Great value all in one tool chest. Lockable, it
is supplied with a padlock and three keys. It includes a compressive range of popular tools: B 10 x Metric 1⁄4” drive sockets: 4-13mm
1 PRO394
B Lifetime guarantee
does not apply to
atchet mechanisms
All you need in one great kit
          B 10 x Metric 3/8” drive sockets: 9-19mm
B 10 x Imperial 1⁄4” drive sockets: 5/32”-1⁄2”
B 8 x Imperial 3/8” drive sockets: 5/16”- 3⁄4”
B 6 x Metric combination spanners:
8-17mm B6xImperialcombinationspanners: 3/8”-11/16” BRatchethandle3/8”drive B75mm(3”)extensionbar,3/8”drive B3/8” (female)x1⁄4”(male)adaptor B2xSparkplug sockets B3x1⁄4”Drivesockets:1⁄4”,5/16”,3/8” B20xScrewdriverbits B8xMetrichexkeys B8xImperialhexkeys BHammer B5x Pliers B(8”)Adjustablewrench B3xPhilips screwdrivers B200mmCrimpingtool B50x Crimpingterminals BVoltagetester B25x 175mmCableties B6xPrecisionscrewdrivers BMinihacksaw BTorch B3.5mTape measure BRollofPVCtape BUtilityknife Part No 1801641
3 235 Piece 3Tray Home Garage Tool Kit - CHT862
Includes a really useful selection of the most popular DIY hand tools all housed within a sturdy metal chest 1/4” / 3/8” adaptor
3/8” spark plug socket (21mm)
8x metric hex keys 8x SAE hex keys 12x combination wrenches 6x
precision screwdrivers Screwdriver bit handle 3/8” extension bar (6”)
199Piece Set
Tool kit including cantilever steel tool box
235Piece Set
2 C
        3 CHT862
         1/4” ratchet handle 6” long nose pliers 6” diagonal pliers
3/8” ratchet handle 6” linesman pliers
235Piece Set
   8x screwdrivers; Slotted & Philips 8x 1/4” deep sockets, 6 point
17x 1/4” sockets, 6 point 12x 3/8” deep drive sockets, 14x 3/8” drive sockets Coupling adaptor 16x fastener assortment 102x bits; Slotted, Philips, Hex, Torx & Robertson
Weight 14kg Part No. 1801862
4 235 Piece AF/Metric Tool Set In Chest - CHT864
Contents include: 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” drive ratchet handles, assorted AF and metric standard and deep drive Chrome Vanadium socket sets Metric & SAE hex key sets, combination wrenches, pliers, slotted and Phillips screwdrivers & assorted screwdriver bits (incl. Phillips, slotted, hex & Torx®
Dims LxWxH 535x250x330mm Weight: 18kg Part No. 1801864
        4 CHT864

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