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      Quality Pliers & Snips
          1 CH
  1 Set ofThree Long-Reach 3Pie
4 - 7 ProfessionalCirclipPliers Length: 175mm
      Pliers - CHT852 S
    t pliers B Comfort grips Part No. 1801852
     A set of three long-reach pliers.
 B Approx. 11” length B Includes 45o bent nose, 20o offset and straight nose
              2 6 Piece Mini Plier Set With Return Spring - CHT111
Drop forged hardened jaws, with return spring.
Part No. 1800111
3 Professional Ratchet
Crimping Pliers - PRO404
Professional ratchet crimping pliers.
B Ratchet crimping pliers for use
with insulated terminals B The ratchet motion ensures complete crimping
Part No. 1700810
8 - 10 Professional Aviation Snips PRO67, 68, 69
6 7
Circlip Size 12-65mm 10-40mm 10-40mm 12-65mm
6Piece CHT111 Set
Snips - PRO 95 & 96
B Drop forged chrome vanadium steel blades B Induction hardened and serrated faces B Powerful compound leverage
B The offset jaw design keeps
knuckles clear of the cut
B Sheet metal
capacity 1.2mm
Model PRO66 PRO65 PRO63 PRO64
Type Of Pliers Bent Nose Internal Bent Nose External External Internal
Part No. 1700466 1700465 1700463 1700464
11 & 12 Aviation Style Offset
         Professional quality aviation snips for left, right and centre direction cutting.
B Hardened drop forged chrome vanadium steel blades with serrated faces B For sheet metal cutting up to 1.2mm cold rolled steel or 0.7mm AISI stainless steel B Spring action handles with colour-coded grips and safety catch
11 PRO95
12 PRO96 Part No.
1700495 1700496
13 3 Piece Aviation Snip Set - CHT127
B Compound leverage jaws cut up to 18 gauge metal
B Left, right and straight cutting heads
Part No. 1800127
3Piece Set
     9 PRO68
         Model PRO95
Right Cut Offset Tin Snips
Left Cut Offset Tin Snips
13 CHT127
           Model PRO67 PRO68 PRO69
8 PRO67 Description
10 PRO69 Part No.
15 10 Piece Snap Ring Plier Set - CHT687
B Easily attach and remove internal or external circlips B Hardened, heat treated chrome molybdenum steel with black oxide-finished precision tips B 4 x bent pliers; 138mm with 1mm tip, 138mm with 1.2mm tip, 187mm with 1.8mm tip, 212mm with 2.3mm tip B 4 x straight pliers; 150mm with 1mm tip, 150mm with 1.2mm tip, 200mm with 1.8mm tip, 225mm with 2.3mm tip B Insulated comfort grip handles B Includes hook tool, pick up tool and handy carry case
Part No: 1801687
15 CHT687
10 Piece Set
16 10” (254mm) Circlip Pliers Set - CHT686
 Left Cut Aviation Snips Centre Cut Aviation Snips Right Cut Aviation Snips
1700467 1700468 1700469
B Makes installing and removing circlips easier B Internal and external circlip pliers have a spring ratchet locking mechanism to securely hold against circlip tension B 16 x replacement tips; 2 x 0°, 2 x 15°, 2 x 45° & 2 x 90° for internal (0.12”/3mm) & external (0.108”/2.75mm) pliers 2
B Insulated comfort grip handles
Part No: 1801686
     14 5PieceCirclipPlierSet,With4 Inter-Changeable Jaws - CHT170
1.2mm tipped jaw straight. 1.5mm tipped jaw straight. 1.5mm tipped jaw 45 degree. 1.5mm tipped jaw 90 degree. Part No. 1800170
14 CHT170
Piece Set
                                 16 CHT686
8 9 10
11 12
4 5 6 7

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