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   DIY & Professional Hammer Drills
1 850W Hammer Drill - CHD850B
An excellent value high performance hammer drill. B Ideal for drilling of masonry, wood and steel B Anti-slip grip B Lock on switch B Variable speed with reverse action: 0-2800rpm B 13mm chuck B Maximum drilling capacities: (dia.) wood 32mm,
850W Motor
3 1200W SDS+ Hammer Drill CON1200RD
Excellent heavy duty drill for drilling
stone masonry, concrete and bricks.
B SDS+ and 13mm keyed chucks B Max drilling capacities (dia.)
concrete 32mm, steel 13mm, wood 42mm B Supplied in a tough storage case with 3 TCT drill bits and 2 chisels B Comfort grip
          steel 12mm, masonry 16mm B Weight 2.2kg 1500W SDS
Part No. 6479502
     Motor + CON1500RDV
1500W SDS+ Rotary
Hammer Drill - CON1500RDV
   B Drilling, Drilling + Hammer and Hammer only (chisel) functions
B Large drilling diameter capacity in wood 40mm, steel 13mm and concrete 36mm B Variable drilling speed 200-750rpm and impact rate 650-3000 blows/min B 5.5J impact energy B 13mm chuck adaptor for use with conventional drill bits B Supplied with depth stop rod and assorted drills and chisels in convenient blow moulded case Part No. 6479605
4 1100W SDS+ Hammer Drill - CRD1100
B SDS+ and 13mm keyed chucks B Drilling, Drill+ hammer and hammer only (chisel) functions B Max drilling capacities (dia.) concrete 28mm, steel 13mm, wood 40mm B Supplied in a tough storage case with 3 TCT drill bits and 2 chisels B Weight 5kg
1200W Motor
     Part No. 6479610
B Weight 4.7kg CON400RHD
400W Motor
Part No. 6479600
1100W Motor
                        6 Contractor 5-Functio
SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill 230V - CON720RHD
B Ideal for drilling/chiselling to
Lightweight only 2kg
Includes 6, 8 & 10mm SDS+ drill bits
SDS+ Rotary Hammer
Drill - CON400RHD
B 400W input power B 0-1500rpm No load speed B 0-6600 blows per min B Max. cap in wood 30mm, steel 10mm, concrete 10mm B 1.5J Impact energy B Variable speed with forward & reverse B Mechanical safety clutch B Inc. side handle, depth stop, 10mm SDS+ chuck, 10mm keyed chuck, 6, 8 & 10mm SDS+ drill bits & dust shield B Weight 2kg
Part No. 6479510
    surfaces such as concrete, bric
ck etc
  B 5 functions: drilling (dual spe
720W Motor
eed), drilling
       & hammer action (single speed
d), hammer
   action only, forward & reverse
e B 2.7J
     Impact energy B Mechanical s
safety clutch
   B Inc. SDS+ & keyless drill chu
uck with
Includes 2 chisels & 3 drill bits
      quick change facility, side hand
dle, depth
   stop, 2 x chisels, 3 x drill bits in
n carry case
    Part No. 6480215

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