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Professional Cutting Fluid Ideal for use on lathes, drills & saws.
1 Litre Part No. 3051059 5 Litre Part No. 3051061
Professional Engineers Lathes
1 6 Speed Metal Lathe With 12 Speed Mill Drill - CL500M
   Metal Lathe shown with mill/drill head
Superbly engineered for turning, milling and drilling, this top quality multi-speed machining centre is solidly constructed from cast iron and is amazingly keenly priced.
B Power feed/screw cutting B Quick action clutch for independent lathe/mill drill operation B Fine feed adjustment on milling B Mill drill head rotates 360° B Capstan to raise/lower head B Mill/drill head includes 13mm drill chuck B Powerful 3/4 hp 230V motor B No volt release switch B Chuck guards on lathe and Mill/Drill Lathe includes: B 6 speeds forward/reverse operation B 3 jaw chuck B MT3 and MT4 centres B Spanners and wrench (hex) B Gear sets for screw cutting B Compound slide with 4 way tool post B Machine vice B Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1100x600x880mm B Weight: 164kg
Part No. 7610300
Lathe Specifications:
B Distance between centres 430mm B Swing over bed 305mm diameter B Swing over cross slide 172mm diameter B Spindle bore: 26mm diameter B Spindle taper: No.4MT B Spindle speeds: 6 (170-1630rpm) B 14 screw-cutting pitches (0.5-3mm pitch) B Screw cutting imperial: 20 (11-40 T.P.I.) B Tail stock taper No.3MT
Mill Drill Specifications:
B Chuck capacity 13mm B Spindle-column:
175mm B Spindle nose-table: 150-320mm B Spindle-bed: 212-382mmv B Spindle stroke: 92mm B Spindle taper: No.3MT (with draw bar) B Spindle speeds: 12 (130-1660rpm) B Table 200x150mm B T slots 12mm
2 Professional 6 Speed Lathe - CL430 This machine is identical to the above, except that it does not include the Mill Drill assembly. Please note that the Mill/Drill head cannot be purchased separately. B Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1100x600x405mm B Weight: 129kg Part No. 7610800
3 Floor Stand including Suds Tray Part No. 7610315
              1 CL500M
1&2shown with optional floor stand/ suds tray
 2 CL430
 Optional Lathe/Mill Accessories
Fixed Steady
Machine Block
Moving Steady
6 Piece Turning Set
Revolving Tailstock Centre
Mill Cutter 2” Diameter
Milling Chuck - 7 Piece Set
(4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16mm Collets) 10mm T-Nut Bolt Set (12 Piece)
4 Jaw Independent Chuck with Adaptor Plate
8" Face Plate
Part No.
7610317 7610324 7610318 7610319 7610320 7610322
7610323 7610326
7610316 7610325
                  Fixed Steady
Machine Block
Moving Steady
                        79 12 8
         10 11
      6Piece Set
7Piece Set
12 Piece Set
     4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12

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