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 Hobby & Professional Woodlathes & Hand Tools
1 13" Wood Lathe with Electronic Variable Speed - CWL325V
B Ideal for small workshops B 0.2HP motor B Variable speed 890-3190rpm B 1MT tailstock taper B 325mm distance between centres B 200mm turning capacity B 3/4” 16TPI (UNF) thread size B Quick release levers B Inc. 110mm & 170mm tool rest & face plate B Dims. LxWxH 732x222x300mm B 21.1kg Part No. 6501660
1a 2" Mini Chuck Set
B For use with Item 1
B Includes; micro chuck, round jaw set, step jaw set, extended pin jaw set, large dia jaw set, screw chuck, 3⁄4” UNF x 16TPI adaptor, ‘T’ handle hexagon wrench & case Part No. 6501662
2 40” Wood Turning Lathe - CWL1000B
B Big 40” lathe ideal for wood turning in the DIY workshop
B Long 1016mm distance between centres for turning longer spindles B 176mm height of centre from base enables a large turning capacity of 350mm B 4 turning speeds B Bench mounted B Supplied with tool rest, tail stock, drive centre, face plate & 3 chisels B Turning capacity: 350mm B Motor 0.5HP B 4 turning speeds: 850-2510rpm B Thread size: 3/4”16TP(UNF) B Dims. LxWxH: 1425x213x346mm B Weight: 27kg Part No. 6500687
Optional Accessories for CWL1000B & CWL1000CF
variable speed
Includes copy function
Cup Turning Chuck Screw Chuck
4 Jaw Chuck
6” Face Plate
Part No.
       6500676 6500677 6500678 6500679
3 40” (1000mm) Wood Lathe with
             Copy Follower - CWL1000CF
Great for DIY or furniture or joinery workshops where repeat quantities are required. Ideal for producing stair spindles, balusters, table & chair legs etc B Large 980mm capacity between centres B 350mm turning capacity B Variable spindle speeds 600 – 2200rpm B Powerful 550W motor B 3⁄4”x 16TPI (UNF) Headstock B Kit Includes: follower assembly, tool rest, Tailstock assembly, Timing face plate, eye shield, 2x chisels with different profiles, floor stand Part No. 6500689
4 No.4 Jack Plane - CHT830 B Cast iron body B High carbon
Includes stand
64 KG
              6 9" Tri Square - CHT832
B Hardwood Stock with 3 rivet fixing B Steel blade
B Solid brass face B Dims 273x158x155mm Part No. 1801832 7 9" Bevel Edge Square - CHT833
Ideal for transferring angles from walls that are not square to skirting boards or shelving B Solid brass ends B Blued steel blade B Polished hardwood stock
B Dims 315x100mm Part No. 1801833
8 & 9 Marking & Mortice Gauges BPolishedhardwoodstock BKnurledbrassadjustment screw B Single hardened adjusting spur on CHT835
8 CHT8349”MarkingGauge-
B Dims 245x65x60mm Part No. 1801834
9 CHT8358”MorticeGauge-
B Dims 245x65x60mm Part No. 1801835
10 4" (100mm) Hardwood Mitre Square - CHT836 B Hardwood Stock with 4 rivet fixing B Steel blade
B Solid brass face B Dims 140x45x15mm Part No. 1801836 11 4 Piece Miniature Woodworking Set - CHT837
Ideal for hobbyists and small scale woodworking projects. Includes 4 tools: B 1x mini sliding T-bevel square B 1x mini 90 degrees tri-square B 1x mini dovetail square B 1x mini mitre square Part No. 1801837
4Piece Set
                                                                     steel heat treated blade
B Chrome plated pressure plate B 225mm length with
50mm blade width
Part No. 1801830
No.5 Smoothing
Plane - CHT831
 B Same style as above B Chrome plated pressure plate B 350mm length with 50mm blade width Part No. 1801831
5 Wall Mounted
Wood Rack - CWMWR1
B A simple to install wall mounted steel rack, providing tidy storage of wood & other materials B 12 support arms providing 6 shelf locations B 50kg safe working load
per level B Shelf depth of 310mm B Dims (HxD) 1000 x 311mm B Multiple racks can be used for longer materials Part No. 7640030
     2a 2b 2c 2d
7 8
5 910 11

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