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  Quality Bandsaws
Flexible LED work- light
Quick release fence
Drive-belt tensioning
Blade tensioning control
        Magnified mitre guide
Solid ground cast iron table
Multi-step dust extraction outlet
Removable dust tray
Top quality, floor standing wood cutting
bandsaws ideal for workshop use. Strong steel body with a solid ground cast iron table provides rigidity and longevity.
B Balanced cast alloy wheels for smooth blade operation BTabletilts45° BAdjustableblade guide B Blade tension indication window
aids accuracy B Magnified mitre guide allows precision cutting B Quick release blade tensioning lever eases the changing of the blade B Flexible LED worklight provides focus on the work piece B Removable dust tray
B Multi-step dust extraction outlet for direct connection to a dust extractor (49mm, 74mm, 99mm) B The CBS350 has a solid ground cast iron work table (aluminium on CBS300) B Supplied with stand, 4 TPI, 2240mm wood cutting blade, rip fence, mitre guide, mitre gauge and push stick
                      12" (300mm)
14" (350mm)
    9" (228mm)
1 228mm (9") Band Saw - CBS225 The 228mm (9") bench top professional
bandsaw has a powerful 300W induction motor and will achieve accurate rip sawing, cross cutting and free hand sawing in wood or polymer. B Maximum cutting depth 90°/45°: 90/50mm B Includes a push rod,
an easily removable rip fence and a +/- 60° mitre gauge B The 300x300mm robust table can be tilted from 0-45° B Dust extraction port and convenient dust collection drawer B 230V 300W induction motor
B Supplied with 4 TPI wood cutting blade guide Inc LED worklight
Part No. 6460133
Replacement Blades for CBS225: 1575x10x0.36mm
induction motor
induction motor
            6TPI Part No. 6458005 10TPI Part No. 6458000
Specifications for 2 & 3
Table Size (WxD) Overall Dims (LWH) Weight
Part No.
3 CBS350 1100W 230V 340mm 800m/min 160mm 225mm L60° R60° 545x515mm 868x670x1705 76.8kg 6460078
Blade To Fit Model TPI 12.5mm CBS300 4 12.5mm CBS300 6 12.5mm CBS300 8 12.5mm CBS350 4 12.5mm CBS350 6 12.5mm CBS350 8
Replacement Blades for CBS190B:
6TPI Part No. 6469010
Replacement Blades for CBS250B:
6TPI Part No. 6460057
Part No.
6460086 6460092 6460096 6460088 6460094 6460098
will achieve accurate rip sawing, cross cutting, mitres and bevels.
B 370W, 230V motor B Tilting table 0-45°
B Mitre gauge adjusts left & right up to 60°
B Cutting Capacity: 245mm (Throat Width) B Table Size: 333x336mm
B Blade Speed: 730m/minute
B Dust extraction port and dust collection draw Part No. 6460140
Solid cast iron table
12" & 14" Bandsaws - CBS300 & CBS350
250mm Woodworking
Band Saw - CBS250B
 Ideal for DIY and trade use and allows accurate cutting for all types of wood and suitable polymer materials only. Powerful induction motor
Throat Depth
Running Speed
Max Cutting Depth at 45° Max Cutting Depth at 90° Mitre Gauge Tilt
2 CBS300 750W 230V 305mm 800m/min 115mm 165mm L60° R60° 480x390mm 770x575x1586 70.7kg 6460077
        Inc stand

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