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1 Submersible Clean Water Pump - CWP200
This domestic submersible pump is ideal for clearing flooded cellars, trenches, swimming pools etc. and is very popular for creating fountains, waterfalls and ornamental ponds. BMax. flow rate 95 l/min B Maximum head (lift height) 5.5m B Thermal overload protection B Tough non-corrosive polypropylene pump body B Complete with 11⁄4”, 1” and 3⁄4” hose adaptor and 10m waterproof cable B 220 Watts, 230V 1ph motor B Suitable for clean water use only
2 Hippo 2 & 2A
High performance low priced pumps, ideal for
home & garden use B Can pump to within 3mm of floor B Suitable for 1⁄2" - 1" flexible hose B Complete with separate 1⁄2", 3⁄4", 1" hose adaptors, anti-silt base B Hippo 2 has the same specification as Hippo 2A but without a float switch
Clean Water Pumping
‘The Famous’
Britain’s best selling pump range, over 300,000 Hippo pumps sold in the UK over the last 25 years
                     6 HeavyDutySubmersibleClear Water Pump - CWP1000A
B Suitable for use with clean water
6 CWP1000A
              BIG 30m Head
BIG 48m Head
5 CSD4
                     3 Hippo 5A
B Ideal for the draining and general transfer of water in domestic applications B Use for
irrigating gardens, draining cellars, sinks, cisterns & baths B Supplied with multi-step hose adaptor B Float switch can be turned off for draining blocked sinks or baths
4 Stainless Steel Clean Water Multi-Stage Submersible Pump - PSD1A B Designed to pump clean water from wells, ponds & pools B Suitable for operating
waterfalls, fountains, irrigating gardens & draining cellars, sinks, cisterns & baths
B Inc. a fitted float switch for automatic water level control B Stainless steel pump body B Integral carry handle for easy transportation
5 Multi-Stage Submersible Water Pump - CSD4
This multi-stage 4 impeller pump can pump up to a massive 48m head.
B Ideal for showers, wells, cisterns and rain water tanks B Flow rate up to 95 l/min
B Maximum head (lift height) 48M B Made from tough, non-corrosive & rust proof materials B Long life ceramic shaft for reliability B Stainless Steel filter B Includes built in non-return valve and multi hose adaptor B 1100 Watts, 230V 1ph motor B 15m Cable
7 Water Butt Pump - CWBP300
      Model Outlet
Max Flow
95 l/min 85 l/min 85 l/min 85 l/min 208 l/min 91 l/min 95 l/min 350 l/min 37 l/min
Max Head
5.5m 6m 6m 6m 8.5m 30m 48m 9.5m 11m
Watts Float Switch Weight
220W - 3.75kg 250W - 4kg 250W - 4kg 250W 􏰀 4kg 750W 􏰀 5.3kg 800W 􏰀 7.2kg
1100W 􏰀 9.35kg 1100W 􏰀 11kg 400W 􏰀 4.5kg
Part No.
7239210 7230025 7230023 7230024 7230536 7236070 7239250 7230097 7230400
Provides a simple means to extract water from water butts. It is ideal for use with stored rain water for garden irrigation but can also be used with chlorinated swimming pool water. B Swan neck outlet pipe can be adjusted
in length for different water butt sizes B 230V/50Hz, 400W supply B 3⁄4" BSP threaded outlet with quick fit hose connection adaptor
and tap B Float switch will switch pump off when
butt empties B 36 l/min output B Max head 11m
7 CWBP300
    CWP200 1 Hippo 2
Hippo 2 (110V) Hippo 2A
1/4” 1” 1” 1” 1/4” 1/4” 1” 1/2”
    Hippo 5A
CWP1000A 1 CWBP300 3/4”
2 3 4 5 6 7

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