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  Clean Water Pumping
Exceptionally low pick up great for flood recovery
              Puddle Pumps
Pumps to within 2-3mm of the floor
  Submersible Puddle Pumps designed for draining surface water, spilled water and flood water. Ideal for pumping out waste water from flooded areas, cellars & sumps.These puddle pumps are incredibly useful for clearing particularly shallow bodies of water because of their ability to pump within a matter of a few millimetres off the floor.
3 step
outlet adapter
    1 1 1⁄4" Puddle Pump - PSP125 Submersible self-priming pump for
draining surface water. B Ideal for pumping water from flooded areas, cellars, sumps etc, due to its exceptionally low pick-up B Non return valve B Leaves minimal residue B Integrated float switch B Max. head 10.2m B Max. flow 125ltr/min B 293W, 230V motor B 10m power cable B Multi-step outlet B Inc. auto on/off float switch B Weight: 4.5kg Part no. 7230692
2 1 1⁄2” Puddle Pumps with Auto Sensor - PSP105 & PSP125B
Ideal for draining flooded cellars, sumps etc & clearing spillages. B Pumps as
low as 1mm from the floor B 3 position auto sensor allows setting of water level at which pump stops/starts, or can be used as a continuous duty pump when sensor is in stowed position B Outlet: 11⁄2” BSP with non-return valve and 3 step adaptor (1” BSP, 1” & 11⁄2” hose) B Cable length 10m
B For clean water applications
3 1 1⁄4” Puddle Pump - PSP195
B600W 230V motor B 195 ltr/min max flow rate B Max head height 9m B Pump outlet 11⁄4” BSP B Pumps to only 2 to 3mm off the floor B 10m long power cable B Complete with 1” and 3⁄4” multi-step hose adapter
B Tough durable build B Suitable for clean water applications B Integrated float switch
2 PSP105
                Model PSP125 PSP105 PSP125B PSP195
Outlet Max Flow
11⁄4” 125 l/min 11⁄2” 100 l/min 11⁄2” 116 l/min 11⁄4” 195 l/min
Max Head
10.2m 6m 7m 9m
293W 250W 400W 600W
Float Switch
Integrated Auto Sensor Auto Sensor Integrated
4.5kg 4kg 4.3kg 5.7kg
Part No.
7230692 7230693 7230694 7239240
3 position auto sensor allows setting of water level at which pump stops/starts
Pumps to within 1mm of the floor
Integrated float switch
Max flow 195 l/min
3 PSP195
Pumps to within 3mm of the floor
- 6 Clean Water Pumps - CSE400A & CSE2
Max flow 253 l/min
6 CSE2
These top quality general duty clean water pumps are built for reliable daily use or can be used for fast emptying of flooded buildings, etc.
B Self priming B Manufactured from toughcorrosionandrustproofmaterials (No metal parts in contact with water)
B Long life ceramic shaft for reliability (CSE2) B Low consumption motors with overload protection B Efficient water cooling for long term operation and reliability B Includes elbow and 3 step hose adaptor (for 1/2", 3/4", 1" bores) plus 11/4" BSP outlet & filter base
B Automatic float switch included on CSE400A BCSE400Aincludesanti- airlock bleed
General duty submersible water pump
Max flow 115 l/min
4 Float Switch & 2M Cable
For submersible electric pumps.
Part No. 7950826
         Model Outlet CSE400A 11⁄4” CSE2 11⁄4”
Max Flow
115 l/min 253 l/min
Max Head
8m 10m
5 CSE400A
400W 750W
Float Switch
4.3kg 4.3kg
Part No.
7231100 7230560
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5 6

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