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                    Solids to
30mm switch
All pumps include float
      Legs fold to allow choice of surface water or solids pumping
        3 PSV6A
5.8m head
Pumping - Solids Handling
11⁄4” Dirty Water Submersible Pump - PSV1A
 B Suitable for use with solids up to 30mm in diameter B 10m cable 2 PSV3A B Inc. multi-step adaptor B 11/4" outlet B Max flow 140 lpm
     Solids to 35mm
2 11⁄2” DirtyWater Submersible Pump - PSV3A/PSV4A B Ideal for heavy duty draining applications including pits, sumps,
ditches, footings etc B Shifts both clean & dirty water including
solids up to 35mm dia. B Includes float switch B Made from tough, non-corrosive & rust proof materials B 11/2" BSP threaded pump outlet B Inc. elbow & outlet reducer adaptors
3 11⁄2” Submersible Pumps with Folding Base Legs - PSV6A & PSV7A
B Ideal for draining surface water including flooded cellars, sumps etc. (with legs in folded up position) B Pumps clean & dirty water
B Pumps water containing solid bodies up to 30mm in diameter with legs in folded down position (see inset) B Includes multi-step adapter
        Solids to 30mm
               Model Outlet
Max Max Watts Weight Flow Head
140 l/min 5.8m 335W 4kg 133 l/min 8m 400W 4.1kg 216 l/min 8m 750W 5.1kg 133 l/min 5m 400W 4.1kg 217 l/min 8m 750W 5.1kg 217 l/min 8m 750W 4.5kg
Handles Solids up to 30mm 35mm 35mm 30mm 30mm 35mm
1 1/4” 1 1/2” 1 1/2” 1 1/2” 1 1/2” 1 1/2”
Part No.
7236035 7236042 7230644 7230695 7230696 7236046
- 5 Solids up
to 30mm
          4 - 5
pumping of clean or dirty water
Swivel base allows
          4 - 5
Dirty Water Submersible Pumps - DWP300A & DWP400A
Designed particularly for heavy duty applications, these robust, powerful water pumps are ideal for rapidly
shifting both clean and dirty water. Ideal for draining pits, sumps, ditches and footings etc. Made from tough, durable corrosion proof materials and have a really reliable & low power consumption 230V motor for cost effective long term use.They are also fitted with an anti-airlock valve.
B Made from tough, non-corrosive & rust proof materials
B 230V motor with overload protection B Auto start/stop float switch - pump automatically switches on, then off as water level rises & falls B 11⁄4” (internal dia.) threaded pump outlet B Also includes step adapter & elbow for 3⁄4”,
1” & 11⁄4” dia. hose
6 CSV2A (110V) - Contractor
Built for use with clean or dirty water, this Vortex type
pump can handle solids up to 30mm dia. B Tough corrosion & rust proof materials B Long life ceramic shaft for reliability B Efficient water cooling for long term operation
B Overload protection
4 DWP300A
     Chamber with non-toxic grease to lubricate the lip seals
Solids to 30mm
5 DWP400A
6 CSV2A 110
BIG 417L output
           7 2” Submersible Pump with Float Switch - CSV4A
Built for use with clean or dirty water. Can handle solids up to 40mm.
B Tough corrosion & rust proof materials B Long life ceramic seals for reliability BWatercooledforefficientlongtermoperation
B Overload protection B With 2 & 3 step outlet adapters
1 1/4” 1 1/4” 1 1/4” 2”
Max Max Watts Float Flow Head Switch
130 l/min 5.5m 330W 􏰀 140 l/min 7m 440W 􏰀 200 l/min 8m 620W 􏰀 417 l/min 11m 1300W 􏰀
4.6kg 5kg 5.2kg 7.8kg
Handles Solids up to 30mm 30mm 30mm 40mm
Part No.
7239220 7239230 7230602 7230604
Solids to 40mm
          4 5 6 7
1 2

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