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  Log Splitters, Chainsaw & Accessories
Log Buster H5
        These compact electrically powered hydraulic log splitters are perfect for trade or home/garden use.The electric motor means that logs for log burning stoves etc can be split without the effort required by manually operated models.
1 Electrically Powered Hydraulic Log Splitter (4Tonne) - Logbuster H4
B Splits sawn logs up to 250mm diameter and 370mm long B 230V, 1.5kW motor B Two handed operation for increased safety B Robust construction with mesh safety guard and wheels/pull handle for ease of movement B Dims (L,W,H) 995x425x610mm B Weight 45kg
Part No. 3402152
 B Splits sawn logs up to 250mm diameter & length 200-520mm B 230V, 2.2kW motor provides 5 tonne splitting force
B Two handed operation for safety B Robust construction with mesh safety guard & wheels/pull handle for east of movement B Dims (LxWxH): 1160x425x610mm B Weight 50kg
 Part No. 3402032
   Splits logs up to
Includes safety guard
 Includes safety guard
370mm long
      5 Tonne splitting force
Splits logs up to
  520mm long
   4 Tonne splitting force
Stand for Log Buster H4
       1 5
Electrically Powered HydraulicVertical Log Splitter (6 Tonne)
- Logbuster V6
B Handy log splitter stand, raises the Log Buster to waist height, saves bending down B Robust construction to withstand the rigours of splitting logs B Assembled Dims (LxWxH): 710x725x935mm
B Weight 5kg Part No. 3402048
4 Stand for Log Buster H5
B As item 3 B Assembled Dims (LxWxH): 860x725x935mm
B Weight 5.1kg Part No. 3402049
6 ElectricChainsaw Sharpener - ECSS-2
B Fully adjustable B Accurately sharpens all common chain types & sizes on petrol and electric chain saws B Mounts easily onto workbenches and worktops
B Motor 85W, 230V B 4800rpm B Inc. safety guard & grinding disc Part No. 3402077
7 Replacement Disc For
For use with chainsaw sharpener ECSS-2 Part No. 3402079
9 Camouflage Chainsaw Bag - CCSB1
A camouflaged chainsaw bag
suitable for carrying small/medium
chainsaws with up to 20” bars.
B PVC coated inside for easy cleaning
B Webbing carry handles and shoulder strap
B Dims. (LxWxH) 940x 241x 267mm Part No. 3402095
10 Chain Lubrication Oil
Logbusters not included
    B Capacity up
to 300mm diameter
and 550mm length
B 230V, 3kW motor provides 6000kg splitting force
B Robust construction, stable base and large 200mm diameter wheels
B Large side
support tables
B Dims (L,W,H) 840x915x1495mm
B Weight 98.2kg
Part No. 3402150
8 Electric Chainsaw - CECS405C
6 Tonne splitting force
6 ECSS-2
For fast and easy sharpening
8 CECS405C
        Splits logs up to
550mm long
                            B Powerful 2000W motor B Rapid reaction kick back chain break and quick stop for extra safety B Automatic lubrication with visible oil level indication B High quality Oregon® chain and bar for efficient cutting and long life Part No. 3402073
Reduces friction to extend life of the blade. Suitable for pressure & pump fed chainsaws. 1 litre - Part No. 3050865
 Bar length 16”/40cm

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