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Dehumidifiers & Air Conditioners
           1 10 Litre Dehumidifier -YDK10
B Compact and portable unit B Ideal for domestic or office use B Removes excess moisture to prevent mould and mildew
B Up to 10 litres per day extraction
BInc. Tank level window indicator, tank full LED indicator and shut-off B Auto defrost
2 20 Litre Dehumidifier -YDE20
Ideal for domestic and office use. Removes excess moisture from the atmosphere to help prevent damp, mould and mildew. B Supply: 230V, 50Hz, 370W B Ext Rate Max 24hr: 20 ltrs/day B Tank Capacity: 5 litre ON/OFF timer B Dehumidification and air purification (carbon filter) modes B High/ low and auto settings. In auto mode humidity range can be set from 40-70% B Includes visible tank water level and LCD tank full indicator
B Easily removable cleanable filter B Drying function prevents build-up of mildew that may affect the operation and life of the equipment
B Water can be collected in tank or continuously drained through a drainage hose (not included)
Recessed carry handle for easy transportation
2 YDE20
Tank Capacity Extraction Rate Part No
2 Litres 10 Litres/day 6470686
5 Litres 20 Litres/day 6470682
5L removable collection tray
Removable filter
Recessed carry handle
   1 YDK10
Drains water with collection tray or continously through hose
      3 - 5 3-in-1 Mobile Air Conditioner & Dehumidifiers - AC10050, AC13050 & AC7050
These mobile units combine air conditioner, dehumidifier and multi- speed fan, and provide quick & effective cooling or drying in the home or office. A self-evaporation system recycles condensed water to cool the condenser, improving efficiency reducing noise & saving energy. Simple touch pad & remote control operates air conditioner, dehumidifier & fan functions. Features include: B Economical class A energy efficiency rating B Temperature control AC7050: 17-30°C, AC 10050 & 13050: 16-30°C B Selectable oscillating air flow direction – AC10050 & AC13050 only B Automatic 0-24hr timer
B Removable, washable air filters for quick cleaning and maintenance B Automatic cut out when tank is full B Supplied with wheels, remote control, outlet hose, hose adaptor & window slider vent
Contains Eco-friendly R290 Gas which meets environmental directives and has a low global warming potential
     3 - 5 Touchpad control
                      3 - 5
Input Supply
Cooling Capacity
No. of fan Speeds
Water Tank Capacity
Timer Control
Remote Control
Dimensions(LWH) 373x342x684mm 443x340x815mm 443x340x815mm
Supplied with ducting&vent
3- 5 Include remote control
3 AC7050 A
                                       A 5 AC13050
✔ Air Con ✔ Dehumidifier ✔ Fan
785W 230V, 50Hz 7000BTU (2kW) 2
0.95 Litres 0-24hr Yes
1100W 230V, 50Hz 9000BTU (2.6kW) 3
0.55 Litres 0-24hr
1370W 230V, 50Hz 12000BTU (3.5kW) 3
0.55 Litres 0-24hr
  4 AC10050 3-in-1
Weight Energy Class Part No
21kg 25kg 28kg A A A
3230567 3230575

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