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  Diesel / Paraffin Space Heaters & Infrared Diesel Heaters
1 XR60 14.7kW
✔ Thermostatic
on/off control
✔ Variable heat output ✔ Extra long run fuel tank
4 XR160 46.9kW
                                                                               2 XR80
3 XR110
- 5 Paraffin/Diesel Fired Space Heaters
    This superb range is ideal for fast, efficient heating in warehouses, factories, automotive workshops etc. B Variable heat control with thermostat - heater cycles on/off as heat is required B Wheels & handles included on all models (No wheels on XR60) B Big fuel tanks – up to 53 litres B Greater run times – up to 13.5 hours operation B Variable hand control with thermostatic heater cycles on & off as required B Stainless steel combustion chamber B Direct fired paraffin or diesel B Highly efficient air & fuel filters ensure long term reliability
B 230V/1phase B Automatic flame failure cut out B Fuel gauge (except XR60)
 Model Max kW XR60 14.7 XR80 20.5 XR110 29.3 XR160 46.9 XR210 61.5
Max BTU/HR 50,000 70,000 100,000 160,000 210,000
15 ltrs 22.7 ltrs 32 ltrs 53 ltrs 53 ltrs
Approx hrs per Tank 9
Dimensions Wt. LxWxH (mm) kg 774x300x388 12.4 830x410x648 17.6 905x413x700 19.8 1045x528x692 26.1 1045x528x692 26.2
Part No.
6931002 6931004 6931006 6931008 6931012
5 XR210
7 IRD40B 40kW
20kW Diesel Infrared Heater
- IRD20B
6 IRD20B
     Portable diesel fired heaters ideal for heating garages or commercial/industrial buildings where adequate ventilation is provided. Heat combustion is clean and safe with low emissions. Main features:
B Fuel tank capacity 10.5 litres
B Thermostat control B Digital room temperature display B Voltage 230V, 50Hz B Carry handle and stand B Runs on diesel, kerosene and paraffin B Dims (LWH): 580x340x625mm B Weight: 18.5 kg
7 40kW Diesel/Paraffin Infrared Heater - IRD40B
Compact diesel or paraffin fired heater
with a powerful output of 40kW (136,484 BTU). Use for external site heating or well ventilated non habitable indoor areas.
Can also be used for temporary and emergency heating. Heat combustion
is clean and safe while producing low emissions. Will operate for 10 hours without the need to refuel. Main features:
B Fuel tank capacity 38 litres B Thermostat control B Digital temperature display
B Pull handle and wheels B Safety tilt switch B IPX4 rated B Runs on diesel
and kerosene (paraffin) B Dims (LWH): 635x925x860mm B Weight: 28.4kg
Tank Capacity Running Time
Dims(LxWxH) mm Weight
Part No
230V, 50Hz 10.5 Litres 5.5 Hours
580x340x625 18.5kg 6925500
230V, 50Hz 38 Litres 10 Hours
635x925x860 28.4kg 6920417
                  Model IRD20B
  Max Output 20kW 40kW (62,242 BTU) (136,484 BTU)
          2 2 Area Displacement 400m 400m
       1 2 3 4 5

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