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  Traditional Cast Iron & Steel Stoves
2 Beaulieu Multi-Fuel Inset Stove
Provides an alternative to a free-standing stove. With
a cast iron front, this stove is designed to fit into an existing fireplace surround, providing the performance and great heat control of a traditional cast iron stove. Saves the removal of an existing surround B Built to meet the latest EN13240 standard & is CE compliant
B Air control for altering burn rate/heat output B Top quality, heat resistant glass & an air wash system to keep the glass clean, maximising the view of the flames
1 Wentworth Multi-Fuel Stove
The Wentworth cast
iron stove has passed government tests to demonstrate exceptionally clean burning and is DEFRA approved for burning wood in smokeless zones. Provides a stylish, modern look whilst creating warmth & ambience within your room
B Air control for altering burn rate B Top quality
heat resistant glass Air wash system helps keep the inside of the glass clean, so you can benefit from the full flame effect B Simple pull handle system moves riddling grate to push soot & dirt into ash pan for easier cleaning
B Conforms to EN13240 & is CE compliant B Top & rear outlet with blanking plate
B Riddling grate Heat output: Wood 5kW, Anthracite (coal) 5.3kW B Door Opening: 275x262mm B Dims WxDxH 438x325x619mm
B Weight 62.1kg Part No. 6910136
Steel Rear
    B Multi-fuel B Top outlet B Riddling grate
B Heat Output: 4.7kW - wood, 5kW - Ancit (Coal) B Door opening: 287x318mm B Dims WxDxH:
    3 & 4
- Eton II Steel Stoves
488x357x625mm B Weight 77.8kg
Part No. 6909915
 These great new stoves include: B Conforms to EN13240 & CE B Variable burn rate B Top quality heat resistant glass B Air wash system helps keep glass clean
B Firebrick lining maximises heat projection
Can be used without stand
Includes log storage
     3 Eton II Steel Stove
Includes Log Storage
Max Heat Outlet Coal Wood
5.3kW 5kW Top
5 Chesterford Cast Iron Eco Design Super Efficient Multi Fuel Stove
B Air control for altering the burn rate/heat output BRiddlinggrate BBurnswoodor coal B Heat output up to 4.6kW
B Door opening: 278x281mm B Built to comply with the latest EN13240 & EC02022 Standards BDimsWxDxH443x316x600mm B Weight: 59.9kg B Specially designed to maximise fuel burn efficiency
  B Wood burning B 8kW heat output Top & rear outlets B Inc. Log storage B Door opening: 320x230mm B Dims WxDxH: 470x358x790mm B Weight: 72kg
Part No. 6910133
4 Eton II Large Steel Stove
B Wood burning B 10kW heat output
B Top & rear outlets B Inc. Log storage B Door opening: 355x250mm B Dims WxDxH: 515x403x863mm B Weight: 98kg Part No. 6910139
Wentworth Beaulieu Eton II
Eton Large II Chesterford
Multi Multi Wood Wood Multi
5kW 4.7kW - 8kW - 10kW
4.6kW 4.6kW
Top & Rear Top & Rear Top & Rear Top & Rear
Door Opening (mm) 324x292 289x318 320x230 355x250 278x281
Dimensions Wt. LxWxH (mm) kg 438x325x619 62.1 488x357x625 77.8 470x358x790 72.5 515x403x863 98.2 443x316x600 59.9
Part No.
6910136 6909915 6910133 6910139 6909950
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