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    Safes SECURITY
          1 CGS3K
lockable ammunition box
5 locking bolts
Fully lined interior
      1 - 5 Gun Safes with Ammunition Storage & Lock
These gun safes & cabinets have been manufactured to police-approved standards in accordance with BS 7558:1992, providing sportsmen,
hunters & gun collectors, with highly secure protection for firearms & ammunition. Designed to store most standard firearms including shotguns, rifles & their ammunition. All cabinets feature pre drilled fixing holes & include fittings for quick & easy installation.
B Robust steel construction with a durable black powder coated finish B 5x locking bolts for maximum security B Internally fitted hinges B Fully carpet lined internal sides & floor & high density foam dividers to secure & protect guns B Lockable internal ammunition box B Inc. 2x keys for the main door & 2x keys for ammunition box, fixing bolts for wall & floor securing B CGS5D & CSG8D inc. AA batteries for key pad
External Dims HxWxDmm 1450x250x250 1450x350x340 1450x490x360 1450x350x340 1450x490x360
Internal Dims HxWxDmm 1260x245x175 1260x345x270 1260x485x290 1260x345x270 1260x485x290
Weight Gun kg Capacity
36.4 3 53 5 61.5 8 53 5 61.5 8
Ammunition Box HxWxDmm 150x250x135 185x340x145 190x480x155 185x340x145 190x480x155
Lock & Key Y Y Y Y Y
Digital Lock
Part No
  N/A 7724020 N/A 7724023 N/A 7724026
Y 7724029 Y 7724032
    Please note the gun cabinet must always be secured firmly to the wall & floor
             Secure protection for cash, jewellery, personal documents & valuables
6 CS150F Floor Safe
6 CS150F
9 CS400D
      B Designed to fit between floorboard joists, so it is flush to the floor B Cover with carpet or a rug for hidden security B Solid & robust steel construction B Pry resistant recessed door B Secure double locking bolts B Supplied with fixing screws and two keys
7 CS300K Small Key Operated Safe
B Solid & robust steel construction B Pry resistant recessed door
B Tough double locking bolts
B Supplied with two keys
8 - 10 Digital Electronic Safes
B Solid & robust steel construction B Digital electronic lock with mechanical and manual override B Pry resistant recessed door
with concealed internal hinges
B Double locking bolts
B Anchor bolts supplied for fixing
Floor safe
7 CS300K 10 CS600D
                     Model Capacity External Wt.
8 CS300D
Part No
7710175 7710170 7710180 7710185 7710190
CS150F 4.4 CS300K 6 CS300D 8.5 CS400D 16.3 CS600D 46.6
128x390x210 182x280x180 200x310x215 250x350x266 500x350x340
8 Key 4.9 Key 6.7 Digital 9.5 Digital
19.8 Digital
(Ltr) Dims HxWxDmm
Digital/Key kg /Fingerprint
         6 7 8 9 10
1 2 3 4 5

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