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Quality Spraying Equipment
3 Gravity Fed Pro Guns - PGF14 & PGF18
        1 Professional Spray Guns
Professional spray guns with external paint mix and 1 litre syphon cup for cellulose, enamels, polyurethane, acrylics, metallics and all similar viscosity finishes. Choose the nozzle to suit your air compressor. B 1/4" BSP fitting
2 Super Pro Spray Guns
Top quality professional spray guns for high class refinishing.
B External paint mix B 1 litre quick release syphon cup for use with
a wide range of paints and finishes B Can be fed from its own pot or from a larger paint container B 1/4" BSP air inlet B 3/8" BSP fluid inlet SP14C; 1.4mm nozzle. (Min. 2HP Compressor) Part No. 3090050
SP18C; 1.8mm nozzle. (Min. 3HP Compressor) Part No. 3090055
For high class, top quality refinishing.
B 600ml cup B Fitted with air regulator control B 1/4" BSP air inlet
PGF14; 1.4mm nozzle. (Min. 2 HP Compressor) Part No. 3090090
PGF18; 1.8mm nozzle. (Min. 3 HP Compressor) Part No. 3090092
600ml Cup
Nozzle sizes:
Wings for creating horizontal or vertical fan
3 PGF14/18 Short travel
between the trigger & the handle for operator comfort
    Fan control
Paint regulator
1⁄4” BSP air inlet connector
             Model PRO12C PRO14C PRO18C
Cup Capacity
1 ltr 1 ltr 1 ltr
Nozzle Compressor
1.2mm 1.5hp 1.4mm 2hp 1.8mm 3hp
Part No.
3090005 3090010 3090015
All spray guns supplied in stylish full colour packaging
Air flow control
          4 Spray Gun - PSC
This versatile non-bleed, external mix
syphon spray gun suits the smaller air compressor and has separate controls for material flow and fan shape.
B 750ml cup B 1.2mm nozzle B Air requirement 5.5cfm B 1/4" BSP fitting B Use air compressor 1HP or larger B Compliant with Environment
5 Spray Gun - JSC Particularly suited for operation with
smaller compressors without an air receiver.The JS Spray Gun is a constant bleed, pressure fed gun complete with round and fan internal mix air caps.
B 1 litre cup B 1.3mm nozzle
B 1/4" BSP fitting B Use air compressor approx. 0.75 HP
Part No. 3090065
6 AirTexture Gun - CTG8
Ideal for the hire trade and professional
builders/decorators, this high capacity unit is designed for large surface coverage and will handle most textured wall and ceiling finishes.
B Tough 7.95 litre (1.75 gal) (plastic) composition hopper with support handle B 4 nozzles and 5 spray pattern areas give a total of 20 different combinations
B 45° offset connector for ceiling work
B Requires 6-25cfm depending on aircap and nozzle configuration B Weight 1.5kg Part No. 5091120
   Protection Act (EPA)
Part No. 3090060
                6 CTG8
               Air hoses - See page 27
6 CTG8
4x nozzles
for applying different materials

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