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  LED Work Lights, Headlights & Torches
Magnet for hands free use
                  1 COB10CR 10W Chip LED Rechargeable Work Light
B 650 lumens B IP44 weather- proofing B 2.5 hour battery working time on a single charge B 4-5 hour charge time B Strong die-cast aluminium housing B Inc. 230V charging adaptor & 12V car charging lead B Efficient energy class A+
B Dims. LxWxH 166x186x255mm
36 LED Rechargeable
Work Light - RWL36Li
3 RWL36Li
                  2 15W COB Rechargeab
Work Light
B Light weight compact design with ergonomic handle and adjustable stand
B Low/Mid/High output settings B 15W, 1200 Lumen max output B Working time 2hrs
B Charging time 6hrs
B IP54 weatherproofing B USB charging point for charging devices such
as smart phones, MP3/4 players, GPS etc B USB charging lead included
B For use in garages for under body inspections or for general illumination of lofts etc. B3 modes: Flashing, single & double sided illumination BOperating time: 5.5hrs single side & 3.5hrs double side illumination B3.5hrs charge time BFold away 360° swivel hanging hooks & integral moveable magnet for hands free applications BInc. 2x 3.7V Li-ion batteries, 12V mains & vehicle charger Part No. 4003050
4 24 LEDWork Light - CWL24
                               2 COB15CR
B For automotive repairs, in the garage/
workshop, loft & around the home
B Folding, swivel hook can be used
to hang underneath car bonnet when
carrying out roadside repairs B Magnet
located on the rear can be used to 36 24 mount worklight in position B Rubber LED LED coating for added protection & soft grip
        B Uses 3x AA batteries (included) Part No. 4002920
     Model COB10CR
36 LED
230 3.7
Rechargeable LED Worklight Rechargeable LED Worklight
10 15
IP Rating
IP44 IP54
Lumens Cable
Part No.
4003615 4003623
4 CWL24 Combined 0.5W LED torch and very bright 3W COB LED inspection
worklight. Fitted with folding hanging handle and rear attachment magnet. Chip on Board is the most recent development in LED technology with multiple diodes mounted onto a single
chip. COB LEDs provide a consistent light beam
with greatly improved brightness. B 3W COB LED inspection lamp and 0.5W LED torch
B Lightweight, ideal
  650 1200
5 2-in-1Torch/Work Light - CWLCOB3
               Includes magnetic base for
hands RWLT36 free use
             RWLT36 Rechargeable
for workplace, camping, fishing etc
B 3x AAA batteries (not included)
Part No. 4003060
LED/Krypton Headlight - CTH3AAA
 Telescopic Work Light & Torch B Ideal for garage, leisure & emergency
use B Torch extends/retracts to switch on/off work light B 3 modes; 30 LED work
light, 6 LED torch & work light/torch
B Base magnet B Lasts up to 12 hours B Comfort grip handle B Inc. mains charger & car charger adaptor
B Includes extra tough protective cover Part No. 4003010
Baseball Cap with LED Lights - BBC-5
     Multi bulb headlamp with:
B 6x long life LEDs for general lighting B 1 x centre focusing long beam krypton bulb
B Tilting function
B Adjustable headstrap
B Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)
Part No. 4003160
8 19 Bulb LED Head- light - CTH4AAA
This ultra bright multi-bulb headlight is fitted with powerful LEDs. B 19 long-life high intensity LEDs
19 LED
60 lumens
9 BBC-5
B Adjustable head strap
B 4 operation modes
B Tilting headlight B Water
resistant (non-submersible) B Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)
Part No. 4003165
 Includes five integrated ultra bright LED lights. Ideal for trade use or for recreational purposes such as camping, fishing, hobbyists etc B Comes in one size with fabric adjuster and buckle B Practical, hands-free lighting B Internal padding & ventilation Part No. 4003168
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