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1 Digital Multimeter
- 5 Function - CDM10C
Suitable for trade and DIY use this hand held multimeter is ideal for electrical / mechanical engineers. Measures AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance and can be used to perform a diode test. The function and range is simply selected by using a single 19 position rotary switch. Main features include:
B Portable and compact design B Digital LCD display
B Data value hold button
B Over range indication
Digital Multimeters
               B Full overload protection B Auto power off and low battery indicator
B Removable, thick rubber casing
B Supplied with folding stand, test probes
and 9V Battery
2 Digital Multimeter
- 6 Function - CDM15C
The compact design of this multimeter makes it ideal
for electrical engineers and electricians. It can be used to measure AC/DC voltage, DC current and resistance. It can also be used to carry out a diode and audible continuity test. It features a function selection switch and a 5 position rotary switch for range selection. Integral test probes clip neatly to casing for storage.
Main features include:
B Digital LCD display
B Full overload protection
B Auto power off and low battery indicator B Supplied with storage case and 12V battery
  1 & 2 LARGE
easy to read displays
2 CDM15C
rotary switch
Shock resistant holder
          Digital Clamp Mulitmeters
4 CDM90
5 Includes carry case
    Ideal for the automotive electrician & test engineers.
B Perform various tests & measurements on electrical systems, automotive devices, mains applications etc B Safe one-handed current measurement for non contact readings via clamp
B CDM90 & CDM95 feature a large LCD display with auto
off back light
B Data hold function B Audible continuity B Overload protection B Low battery indicator B Inc. test leads (1 x black/1 x red) & batteries B CDM95 also includes auto & manual range selection & auto power off
Model No. of Positions
CDM10C 19 CDM15C 5 CDM85 7 CDM90 8 CDM95 7
3 CDM85
3x 3V batteries included
Ranges AC Volts (No.) 200V to 600Vrms (2) 2Vto
500Vrms (2) 1Vto
600V (1) 1Vto
750V (1) 0.2V-600V (5)
LCD display with backlight
5 CDM95
                  Ranges DC Volts (No.) 200mV
to 600V
Ranges AC Current (No.) –
400A (3) 1Ato 1000V (3) 2A-600A (4)
Ranges DC
Current (No.)
20μA to 200Ω to 10A (6) 2MΩ (5) 2μA to 2Ωto 200μA (3) 2MΩ (4)
Diode Test 1mA Fixed Current 0.8mA Fixed
Transistor HFE test 10mA Base Current
Full Overload Protection ✔
✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Part Number
4501140 4501145 4500095 4500097 4500099
Ranges Resistance (No.)
to 500V 1V
to 600V 1Vto 1000V 0.2V to 600V
(5) (4) (1) (1) (5)
1Ωto 200mΩ (2) 1Ωto
(3) 2KΩ (2) 200Ω to
(3) 20MΩ (6)
–– –– ––
       1 2 3 4 5

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