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     Dual Purpose Gas/No-Gas MIG Welders for DIY & Professional Use
1 MIG151EN
This dual purpose machine offers the advantages of standard MIG welding but without the need for gas bottles. It can easily be converted for use with gas. A special flux-cored wire which produces its own gas shroud as it burns, allows the machine to weld steel without a bottled gas supply, simplifying use. Outdoor use is easier since there is less chance of blowing away the shrouding effect of the gas.
This machine includes:
B Turbo fan cooling for greater efficiency B 5 power settings for accurate welding power control B Flux cored steel welding wire B Torch with full on/off control
B All units convertible for use with gas for welding aluminium, mild and stainless steel B All units complete with earth clamp, face mask (with BS679 glass) and full instructions. Note: For welding with gas, simply purchase the
appropriate wire, tips, gas and regulator. (See pages 64 & 65).
2 - 3 MIG130EN & MIG160EN
In addition to the features included on our highly popular blue range, these superb machines also include:
B Hinged side door for fast, easy access when changing wire
B Extra tough protective edging front and rear B Rotary power selector switch on 160EN Turbo makes power selection even
easier B Fast easy conversion for use with gas
(using optional accessories available)
                                1 MIG151EN
             Wheels & handle kit on items 1 - 3
      Pro-torch with full ON/OFF control
2 MIG130EN
               3 MIG160EN
All welders on this page
4 Welding Cart - GWC1
4 GWC1 Welder, regulator & gas
bottle not included
4 GWC1
     Arc activated head shields See page 66
Max Amperage
Amperage 60% Duty
Min Amperage
Open Circuit Voltage Input Voltage/Phase
Wire Sizes mm*
Max Thickness (Mild Steel mm) Power Settings Dimensions (LxWxH) mm Weight kg
Part No.
MIG151EN MIG130EN (Turbo) (Turbo)
150 130 62 57 30 30 21-32 18-26 230-1 230-1 0.6/0.9 0.6/0.9 5 5
5 4 700x320x580 500x280x420 25 25 6014100 6014530
MIG160EN (Turbo)
150 75 30 18-28 230-1 0.6/0.9 5-6
Ideal for the full range of DIY/Hobby MIG welders up to the MIG160EN; Arc/TIG Inverters; Arc welders up to the 190 Turbo & also suitable for the smaller Plasma King models.
B Tough steel construction B Top shelf holds welder at a convenient height B Middle & bottom shelves for welding accessories B End compartment with locking chains secures gas cylinder for safe movement B 2x heavy duty swivel castors,
2x heavy duty fixed wheels B Dims: LxWxH 720x430x780m
     6 500x280x420 29 6014560
  B Weight: 13.2kg Part. No. 6601995 * Flux cored wire (for gas-less welding) is 0.9mm, gas welding wire is 0.6 & 0.8mm diameter

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