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1 Grinding/Arc Activated Solar Powered Welding Headshield with ADF Test Function - PG4
Activates instantly when arc is struck. Grinding function provides protection from sparks so user can grind without removing the mask.
B Auto on/off with 98x43mm viewing area
B Eye protection to EN379 B 1/30000s (0.033ms) light to dark switching time with light shade Din 4; 0.1-1.0s from dark to light state when arc disappears B 3 position switch sets dark to light delay depending on type of welding B Sensitivity control & manually adjustable from dark shade Din 9 to Din13 B Shade Din16 UV protection B Low amperage TIG: >5A (DC); Arc sensor 4 B ADF test button safety check: LCD changes from light to dark state to confirm correct operation B Suitable for Arc, MIG and TIG welding and plasma cutting B Powered by a combination of long life lithium batteries and solar cells Part No. 6000716
Arc Activated & Fixed Shade Headshields
       3 GWH5
1/30000 sec reation time
Grinding/Arc Activated Solar Powered Welding Headshields
B These headshields activate instantly when arc is struck (1/25,000 0.04ms second reaction time) & are designed to also be used for protection from sparks when grinding B Features Grinding Function so user
can grind without the need to take mask off B Powered eye protection to EN379 B Light shade Din 4 B Manually adjusts from dark shade Din 9 to Din 13 B Shade Din 15 UV protection B For Arc, MIG & TIG welding B Powered by a combination of lithium batteries & solar cells
B Available in a range of attractive colours & designs
1 PG4
2 GWH4 4 GWH7
       Model GWH4 GWH5 GWH7 GWH6
Black Woman Union Jack Checker
Part No.
6000706 6000707 6000709 6000708
Solar powered & include grinding function
Fixed Shade Welding
Headshield - HS1
   Fixed Flip up
 7 HSF1
  B Hands free welding
B Adjustable headband, easy flip down B Shade 11 lens, suitable for MIG & ARC welding B Full front & side head protection
B Lightweight to reduce neck strain B Complies to EN175
Part No. 6000700
7 Fixed Shade Flip-Up Welding Headshield - HSF1
A tough hard wearing, fixed shade welding headshield.
B Flip-up front for quick and simple workpiece viewing
B Shade 11 lens suitable for MIG and ARC welding B Adjustable headband for comfort and easy flip down B Complies to EN175 Part No. 6000705
Fixed shade
Easy flip down
     5 GWH6
6 HS1
2 3 4 5

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