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      Arc/TIG/MMA Welders
                      1 MMA80
2 MMA140
              3 MMA200 (ARC/TIG/
     7 AT165 MMA)
                   4 AT133 (ARC/TIG/MMA)
                       1 - 7 MMA & ARC/TIG Welding
Inverter welders can be used for either Manual Metal Arc (MMA 1-7) welding or with the addition of a torch kit for Tungsten inert gas (TIG 4-7) welding.
1-7 MMA (ARC) welding uses a coated consumable electrode (stick) to lay the weld, therefore an additional welding torch kit is not electrode to produce drops of molten metal (weld pool) that cool to create the weld joint. Because of the versatility & simplicity of MMA welding, it requires less skill & is used primarily to weld iron & steels (including stainless steel) but nickel & copper can also be welded with this method.
4-7 The MMA/ARC TIG welding process uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld. It’s ideal for great results on thin materials including stainless
steel & non-ferrous metals.
Clarke MMA & ARC/TIG Inverter Welders
B Ultra-lightweight & portable B Great for both automotive & general repairs B Efficient inverter technology utilises a high switching frequency that typically allows the welder to be less bulky & better controlled than traditional transformer type welders B Models AT135 & AT165 utilise power factor correction for increased efficiency which allows these welders to be powered from a domestic 13A supply B Electronically controlled variable output current displayed on a clear digital display B Thermal overload cut-out & LED indicator
Inc. electrode holder, earth clamp & brush/hammer
All include the following features for ease of use:
βœ” ARC-FORCE Automatically increases the current to prevent the electrode sticking when operating with
a short arc length
βœ” HOT START Increases the welding current at the beginning of the
welding process
βœ” ANTI STICK The electrode can be easily withdrawn without it
becoming damaged
                            Model MMA80 MMA140 MMA200 AT133 AT135 AT162 AT165
Min/Max Current Output 20-80A 20A-140A 20A-200A 10A-130A 10A-130A 10A-160A 10A-160A
Electrode Diameter mm 1.6/2.5 1.6/3.2 1.6/4.0 2.5/3.2 2.5/3.2 2.5/3.2/4.0 2.5/3.2/4.0
Open Circuit Voltage 75V 60V 60V 85V 74V 85V 70V
Input Voltage 230V ~ 50Hz 230V ~ 50Hz 230V ~ 50Hz 230V ~ 50Hz 230V ~ 50Hz 230V ~ 50Hz 230V ~ 50Hz
Max Effective Input Current 15.8A 25.1A 39.2A 12.8A 9.2A 15.8A 12.1A
Power Factor Correction Yes (0.91) Yes (0.93) Yes (0.93) No
Yes (0.99) No
Yes (0.99)
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 288x125x195 365x133x248 365x133x248 300x132x212 360x146x200 300x132x212 380x152x236
kg Part No.
4.05 6012153 4.8 6012155 5.3 6012157 5.3 6012143 6.3 6012147 5.7 6012145 7.9 6012149
           1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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