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Battery Starter/Chargers
          1 - 3 Battery Starter/Chargers These heavy duty starter/chargers are ideal
for use in garages and bodyshops etc. Large wheels allow easy movement around the work area. Large ammeter for clear display of output current. All models feature:
B For charging 12V and 24V lead acid batteries up to 1000Ah (WBC400) B 230V 50Hz
B Switchable between normal and high current charging B Convenient cable storage compartment
WBC240 & WBC400: Both require an industrial supply isolator. The supply must have a rated capacity of 16 Amps or more.
2       WBC240
3 Includes 0-60 minute timer and 6 position
variable charging output
            WBC400 also features:
B 6 setting charging output B 0-60min charging timer
                           1 WBC180
3 WBC400
Fully automatic microprocessor controlled
4 Electronic Battery
The Digicar 600 is a fully automatic, microprocessor controlled professional battery charger/booster.The boost function is designed to safely jump start modern vehicles without damaging sensitive electronics
B Charging for AGM, Gel, Calcium andLeadacidbatteries BSuitable for 12V and 24V batteries
B Selectable charge current and charge time with digital display
B Protected against thermal overload, short circuit and reverse polarity B Automatic and float charge options B The Digicar 600 requires a supply protected by a 25A MCB
Digicar 600
                       Jumpstarters See page 80 - 81
        Model WBC180 WBC240† WBC400† Digicar 600
Max Charge
35A 45A 60A 30A
Max Boost
180A 240A 350A 500A
Boost Charge
12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V
Capacity up to
500Ah 700Ah 1000Ah 450Ah
Suitable Battery Type
Lead Acid (Inc. AGM & Gel) Lead Acid (Inc. AGM & Gel) Lead Acid (Inc. AGM & Gel) Lead Acid (Inc AGM & Gel) & Calcium
Dimensions (LxWxH)
274x370x590mm 274x370x590mm 390x442x631mm 345x250x220mm
Weight kg
14.1 14.8 24.65 20
Part No.
6261500 6261505 6261515 6261200
      † Requires non-domestic supply
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