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  Battery Testers & Heavy Duty Professional Cables
                     Micro Jumpstarters
        1 CVT2
6 & 12V Battery
Tester - CVT2
Ideal for cars, vans, HGVs & agricultural vehicles B Tests state & condition of 6V and 12V lead acid batteries B Ideal for garages and fleet use B Strong steel construction with integral carry handle & clamp holders B Heavy duty insulated clamps B Easy to use - no sparking B Testing can be carried out in-situ on most types of vehicles
Part No. 6260103
2 CJL41D
These amazingly small & lightweight, portable lithium-ion, power packs, with built-in torch, can jump start vehicles with engines up to 6 litres.
    Micro jumpstarters See full details on page 81
B Compact enough to fit in a vehicle glove box
B Include a USB 5V outlet to charge mobile phones, tablets, cameras etc. B 4-in-1 device adaptor cable
to suit most mobile phone connectors B Selectable 12V/10A & 19V/3.5A DC outputs for laptops/computers etc. B Can be used approx. 20 times on a single charge B Can charge unit from mains or vehicle 12V outlet
          4 220 Amp Booster Cables (Jump Leads) with Surge Protection
These high quality booster cables (jump leads) are designed for use on vehicles with up to 2.5 litre petrol engines. Surge protection eliminates the possibility of damage to
  Clamps Include LEDs
vehicle on board computers when being jump started. LED indication of correct polarity connection.
              4 CBCSP220
  Engine Length Capacity M CBCSP220 2.5 3
CBCSP350 5.5 (Petrol) 3.5 3 (Diesel)
Cable Size 18mm2 29mm2
Max Amp Cable Rating 220
Part No.
7631160 7631165
  CBCSP480 7 (Petrol) 4.5 38mm2 480 7631170 4 (Diesel)
                       3 CJL25LED
         2 - 3
Top quality for general & heavy duty commercial use
B Copper clad aluminium cables, durable PVC insulation with robust clamps B CJL25LED has high intensity LEDs in the clamps. Perfect for emergency starting in the dark
5 12V Battery and Alternator Tester - CBAT1
Simple to use with clear LED indication showing the correct operation of the alternator and battery condition.
B For use on 12V lead acid car batteries Part No. 6260105
Professional JumpLeads/Booster Cables
    5 CBAT1
    Engine Cap. Length Cable Petrol ltr M Size
Max Amp Cable Rating
Part No.
7631100 7631105 7631110 7631115
  CJL25D 2.5 3 25mm2 220 CJL41D* 5.5 3.5 41mm2 350 CJL54D* 7 4.5 54mm2 480 CJL25LED 2.5 3 25mm2 220 *Engine Cap Diesel CJL41D up to 3 ltr, CJL54D up to 4 ltr
   2 3

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