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  Ultra Quiet Air Compressors
Shhh Air Range - Portable, Virtually Silent Air Compressors
1 SHHH30/9
                   Built to combine ultra quiet operation (43dB(A) at 1m) with high performance and portability, these virtually silent air compressors provide the easy solution where reduced noise levels are essential. The range covers air displacement values up to 5.3cfm.
B Automatic pressure switch operation B Maximum working pressure 116psi/8 Bar B Integral filter regulator B Twin pressure gauges
B Anti vibration mountings
B Paint spraying/airbrushing B Small air tools B Stapling/nailing B Air cylinder operated machines B Tyre inflation B Blow gun use
        Only 43dB
at 1 metre
(All models on this page)
                       Typical locations include:
✔ Art studios
✔ Offices ✔Dentists
✔ Workshops in
residential areas
✔ Dry cleaners ✔ Upholstery workshops
✔ Late night operations
1 - 6
                               2 SHHH50/9
3 SHHH50/24
4 SHHH100/2
                For full range of air hoses & connectors See page 26-27
Model No
SHHH30/9 SHHH50/9 SHHH50/24 SHHH100/24 SHHH100/50 SHHH150/100
  5 SHHH100/50 Displacement Receiver
6 SHHH150/100
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 345x340x490 330x330x470 400x400x620 650x360x550 860x400x750 1150x450x630
Weight Part No
18kg 2320865 21kg 2320870 29kg 2320875 48kg 2320880 60kg 2320885 86kg 2320890
  0.88cfm 1.77cfm 1.77cfm 3.53cfm 3.53cfm 5.3cfm
9ltr 9ltr 24ltr 24ltr 50ltr 100ltr
190W (0.3HP) 340W (0.46HP) 340W (0.46HP) 680W (0.92HP) 680W (0.92HP) 1020W (1.37HP)
7 Synthetic Oil - 1 Litre
    For use with our Shhh Air range of compressors. Part No. 3050795
    1 2 3 4 5 6

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