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        Benchtop & Floor Standing Parts Washers & Engine/Gearbox Repair Table
                   1 PartsWasher (BenchTop) - CW2D
This compact, portable parts washer is ideal for garage/workshop use when cleaning smaller automotive and machinery components.
B Built-in replaceable filter B Complete with solvent pump, the CW2D accepts all common degreasing agents
Part No. 7630910
1 CW2D 19 litre
         50 KG
       2 PartsWasher (Floor Standing) - CW1D
Ideal for garage, workshop and industrial applications, this robust all-steel washer is used for cleaning and degreasing automotive and machinery components. B Extra large 75 litre tank with component shelf, plus small parts tray B Accepts all common degreasing agents B Fusible link automatically closes lid in case of fire B Built-in replaceable filter Part No. 7630900
                   3 Parts Washer Brush &
Hose - CPWB1
B Great for cleaning automotive & machine parts, works by connecting to the flexible pipe of Clarke CW1D, CW2D, CWM20 & CW40 parts washers
B Extra large all steel parts washer is ideal for fast, easy cleaning & degreasing of automotive and industrial components
B Accepts most popular de-greasing agents Part No. 7630920
2 CW1D 75 litre
    70 KG
For parts washer fluid see below
4 Extra Large Parts Washer - CW40
60 litre tank
                     Part No. 7630915
50 KG
                  BIG 150 litre tank
Wt. Part No. kg
5 CWM20
4 Large castors
   4 CW40
s for easy
& 2 pull handles
Tank Cap. 19 ltr 75 ltr 150 ltr 60 ltr
Pump Motor Rate ltr/hr 230V 90 25W 90 25W 90 25W 90 26W
Dims LxWxH (mm)
5 Mobile Parts Washer - CWM20
 460x340x230 6.5 7630910 785x540x880 23 7630900 1135x545x890 42 7630920 985x540x930 33 7630925
Includes drip tray & fluid collector
        6 Engine RepairTableWith Oil/Waste Fluid Collector - CERT1225
Ideal for stripping and repairing small engines, transmissions and parts.The table features
grooves and raised
edges with built in drain and removable collection tray for easy drainage of oil, fluid etc. for a cleaner work environment.
B All steel construction
B Table height adjustable 950-1050mm B Work
surface LxW 1225x730mm
B Max Load: 136kg
B Lockable drawer
(2 keys supplied) and
large bottom shelf height adjustable B Drawer dims: 598x500x145mm B Weight: 75kg Part No. 7610114
Steel parts washer. Makes cleaning
& de-greasing simplicity itself.
B Accepts most popular de-greasing
agents and is suitable for workshop & industrial applications
B Robust pull handles B 2 large shelves provide excellent storage for detergents & degreasers Part No. 7630925
7 Solvent PartsWasher Fluid Ready to use emulsifiable degreaser
for engine and machine components.
Also suitable for use on wheels, chassis, tanks, concrete floors, compressors and other machinery. 5 Litre, Part No. 3051115
25 Litre, Part No. 3051120
8 PartsWasher Fluid
B Made from petroleum solvent & emulsifier B Citrus fragrance
B Non flammable, bio degradable Concentrated:
5 Litre, Part No. 3051063 25 Litre, Part No. 3051065 Ready to use:
5 Litre, Part No. 3051064 30 Litre, Part No. 3051066
136 KG
Four castor wheels (Two with brake) for mobility
Tools & equipment not included
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